Film progress by Darshana and Maveish

Yesterday we did some work on pre-production. We have now completed casting (so we know who will act in the play and what parts they will play) and also crewing (we needed to decide who would be the camera operator, producer and director for each of the different films).


This afternoon we have also been very busy! We need to try and finish pre-production by Friday so that we can begin production on Monday. This is a strict deadline that we must meet.

Some children have been making props for the films. Other children have been making film surveys using survey monkey. Also some children have been doing the important job of finding images to use on the green screen. It was tricky but fun to find the correct photos!

11 thoughts on “Film progress by Darshana and Maveish

    1. I cant wait to see it too Mrs skinner! im in 4g and im waiting to see 4ms films. I wonder if its got a beatyfull ompalompa and one of the girls fall in love with it or even that threre would be a bad person that mr willy wonka never told enyone and they find out and suddenly a super girl knows a comes and help them i really am waiting to see this movie;D

  1. well i see i realy enjoyed made a sord with joshua and sana and max but we did ent finish cut them yet well i can say i have a wonderfull day

  2. i enjoyed that and now the we finish the sword i paint it gold and silver it s looks like a amazing sword made after 3789 years a go

  3. we are almost on productoin but we need to finsh pre-production before we move on i cant wait until they are edited and ready to be seen

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