Could you sell ice to the Eskimos?

I want to see if your persuasive techniques are so good that you can convince the Eskimos to buy ice!

What is special about your ice? What ‘wow’ words will you use to describe it?
How will you tempt the Eskimos with your amazing description? (This is not just any ice……..This is extra cold, crispy ice which will instantly cool and refresh you!)

Can you ‘hook’ them in with a question? What exaggerated claims will you make? Will you offer a discount coupon or a sale on your product?

11 thoughts on “Could you sell ice to the Eskimos?

  1. This extreemle refreshing ice will cool you down on a hot summer day.But this is no ordinary ice it is crunchy ice wich will consequently cool you so you can enjoy a hot summer day.Why not but your own today.

  2. This ice will cool you down anywhere even in the hotest desert.It will never make you hot again.This is your last and final chance to get this ice.It is a limited adition.The will be out of stock only in a few days.So hurry!

  3. Have you ever been at home, sweating like made? Well that’s about to change. You will never need fans again. This crunchy ice will cool you down as fast as a cheetah. Don’t just by the ordinary ice which always melts. This one will last forever. It is reusable.
    It only cost £1.99.We have a special offer as well. If you buy 1 you will get on free. The stocks are running out so hurry buy your ice now? This is worth keeping and it is very cheap!

  4. The refreshing,sub zero ice will cool you down in even the hottest days on Earth!It is the new and improved recipe and has no peservatives[the only ingredients are water frozen!].

  5. This not just ice this is bearwood primary ice. This sub zero delight is like no other. It prevents unwanted heat. Never will it make you too cold or too hot.
    Whats stopping you? This proudut is enviroment frenidly. Hurry buy 1 get 1 free. Buy it while stocks last. Quick our maginicent ice is a limited edtion. You could miss out on this miraculous opitunity. All this for 99p per cube. 1 cube lasts 1 month. Wow! Never will you see a prouduct like this again. Remember ‘Where quality maters’. Why get everyday ice when you can get phoneminal ice. It is extroadinary.

  6. Are you one of those people who are boiling hot at home,well if you are why not buy the new crunchy,cool booster ice.
    You wil not need ice creams to cool you down or fans.
    The booster ice wil cool you down in seconds!You can get it now in two different flavours.Bubblegum and vanila.Each one costs £1.52 and for flavoured ones £1.99.Buy your booster ice today!

  7. Quick!buy this zub-zero ice now.This ice is everlasting.It will make you feel like kings and Queens.So throw out your fans.Once this you buy this refreshing ice,fans will be exstint.That means you will have less electrisity bills and you won’t need battaries running out.It is on £1.99.So hurry!It is very cheap and it is worth to keep.

  8. Quick. Hurry! Where can I get some of this amazing ice? Even though I’m not an Eskimo, you have all convinced me that I must purchase some ice immediately!

  9. Are you sweating like a pig? Well my super cold ,scrumcious ice cream. Even one little lick would cool you down in seconds.It’s only 1 pound. Be quick! It’s running out!

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