Learning is fun!

Please tell me about what you have enjoyed doing at school this week.

20 thoughts on “Learning is fun!

  1. I have enjoyed at going to the CLC and doing the ebooks and putting the pictures and infomation in the ebook.It is very fun going to the CLC because at school we carn’t do the thing you can do at the CLC and they have better eqitment we don’t have the eqitment that they do.I wish we did have the eqitment that they have i carn’t wait to go to the CLC again.

  2. I loved going to the CLC!My favourite part is the movie that we did and showing it to the rest of the class!I also liked acting out our plays.

  3. On the first week back from the never- ending easter holidays an unexpected letter was received by year 4.Everyone was flabberghasted!
    It was a letter from Anne Gilchirst from the Cbbc.She told us that she wanted to make a new children’s television programme about a famous author. If we came up with the best idea then she would record and show it on Cbbc.We were nearly jumping up and down like kangaroos because we were so excited.

    We were thinking of making a programme about Roald Dahal because he is such a experienced, magical author.We decided ,we would make a new version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory.In our play we would make a new room and a unique, new character.We got to work as quick as a cheatah.We couldn’t wait to send our finshed show to Anne.Well, they’re nearly finished anyway.
    We hope ours is the best of all the plays in the class.
    We also hope you enjoy our programme for the Cbbc if it gets shown!
    If you have any comments,please leave some.

  4. Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. I enjoy teaching you and I love to hear what you have enjoyed best. Please encourage others to write on our blog. Miss Martindale.

  5. I have adored most of the topics we have done. My favrioute was the Splash topic it inspired me to to more art at home.

  6. In our topics so far my favourite one is “SPLASH”.
    I really love doing art aloso painting.
    My favourite painting style is acrylic.

  7. Me too Tanvir and I also loved Topic.I am doing acting with Usmaan,Kimran,Sarika and Rosemeen.Now we all need to write a playscript and act it out.I can’t wait till P.E. We are doing Bollywood dance today.I can’t wait.

  8. I loved the chocolate topic, we got to eatn scrumcious things. But we learned loads of things about chocolate at cadburys world.

  9. I have enjoyed the ‘Opening up a world of possibilities’ which is this week. I am thinking of being a Author. Riya said i should be a Actress, because I am good at acting!

  10. I have enjoyed this week because of all the workshops we have been. The workshop I enjoyed most was The Apprentice. In that workshop we were making money containers. Sewing the things on was ever so hard!

    I also enjoyed Literacy this week and finishing off our Aboriginal story’s. In my group we had to write 2 whole story’s. When I had finished my story I stapled it and Miss Martindale was vey impressed with my work and said it would be laminated!

    What have you enjoyed this week?

  11. I agree tanvir the money containers were ever so hard to do i was stuck doing it my needol kept comming off I had to tell miss to put it back on I really really enjoyed the wordshops.

  12. I loved solving problems using quack. I have made a song for it…
    Q is for question. READ the question
    U is for understand and underliiiiiine
    A is for aproximate plea-ease trrry
    c is for calculate calculate calculate and k is for know your riiight
    so go quackers and follow me sooooooong
    quack quack your a duck.

    Did you like it?

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