Come Dine with Me – Virtual Kitchen and Healthy Plate games.

Try out the BBC My World Kitchen game and prepare different kinds of food. Try to remember the imperative ‘bossy’ verbs (doing words) like chop or fill. What would the different food ingredients taste like…? Use adjectives (describing words) like spicy, sweet or tangy. Perhaps you could try them in real life with your grown ups..? Have fun!

My World Kitchen game

Here’s a game where you need to think about food groups and work out what’s on your plate… Is it healthy..?

What’s on your plate?

2S Reading INSPIRE

Thanks to all of the parents and carers who came to our ‘Baabwaa and Woolliam’ Reading workshop this morning. It was so lovely to see such a fantastic turnout. Everyone listened to the story and the children answered lots of different kinds of questions about it. We then thought about how we can take a story and make something to help us retell it. We used different materials and resources to create stick puppets to do this. The children did a fantastic job of creating them. Take a look at the photos…