2S clockwise and anti-clockwise movements 

As part of their warm up in indoor PE 2S practiced moving their hands in clockwise and anti-clockwise movements. 

Can you move your hands to show a 1/4 turn clockwise and anti-clockwise? 

Can you move your hands to show a 1/2 turn anti-clockwise and clockwise? 

Can you move your hands clockwise and anti-clockwise to show a full turn? 


Great Fire of London museum

Thank you to all of the parents of Year 2 children who came to the end of topic museum today in the school hall. The children had fun showing you their work such as, letters, diary entries, art work, 3D Tudor houses and even a video of the 3D Tudor houses burning! 

Well done to all of the children who completed a questionnaire about the Great Fire of London. 


Half Term

Remember Year 2 you can keep busy this half term by logging into bugclub and mathletics! 

Don’t forget your challenge, if you can read 5 books over the half term you will be entered into a prize draw when you return to school! Remember to write the name of your book and the date you read it on your challenge sheet inside your reading journal.


The Great Fire Of London

Today we went over to the forest to watch the Tudor houses we made for our topic ‘Fire Fire’ burning! We couldn’t believe how quickly they turned to ashes! It took less than five minutes for our model city of London to be completely destroyed. We pretended to call out things we imagined people would scream and shout. It was all really exciting!

2S Great Fire of London writing 

2S have been working hard over the half term learning all about the Great Fire of London.

Today they typed up their Aston Hall recounts and diary entries ready for the Great Fire of London museum on Wednesday 24th February at 9.00am in the school hall. Will you be there?