Night Time Pictures

This week in topic we have been busy creating night time pictures.  Firstly, we used chalk pastels to make our night time sky.  We learnt how to blend and developed our art skills.  After that we added a moon and  stars using silver paint.  We learnt how to make a silhouette of a tree and bush.  Then we were sneaky and hid our nocturnal animals in secret places.  We used our sharing and creativity powers.

Can you spot the nocturnal animals on our pictures?

What do you think of our amazing art work?

Mini Beast Riddle

Mini Beast Riddle

I have no legs or no hands and eyes so I use my skin to feel soft things

Slowly, I wiggle under the muddy, dusty ground.

I eat yummy soil Crunch! Munch! 

Soil is my very favourite food.

Happily, I live under the ground and have rest  When I fished   eating food.

I am pink, as pink panther and slimy   as a snail

I am………..

By  Sunya

Mini Beast Riddle

Mini Beast Riddle

My mini beast has skin as grey as a cloud and eats a lot of wood.

 It’s as cunning as a fox and as quiet as a mouse because it is so small. Also, it is as fast as a car and a zooming rocket. Zoom!

 But sometimes it loves to crawl and cannot fly like a bird.

Mostly you might see me under logs and crawling on the moist compost.

 I have 3 legs on each side and total is 6 and the as black as ink.

I am a …….

By  Abdul

Minibeast Madness!!

Minibeast madness has arrived in Year 2! In Science we have discovered all about minibeasts  including what they look like, how they move and the habitats where they live. We had a great idea to design and make minibeast traps to try to collect minibeasts at Calthorpe Haven so we could take a careful look at them ready to write some exciting riddles in Literacy.

We filled our traps with sticky, gooey jam and honey and crept over to Calthorpe to see what minibeasts we could find…….


Fantastic foxes

We have been busy learning all about foxes and have made the most amazing fox masks in class! We carefully measured pointy ears and sharp teeth to make them look like Fantastic Mr Fox himself. What did you enjoy about making your mask? What powers did you use?  What fascinating fox facts can you remember?

Amazing Owls

Year 2 have been using their creative power to make super owls. We used paper plates and lots of creative art materials to add sharp beaks, beady eyes and talons as sharp as a spike. We were brilliant owl detectives to carry out our own research.