Super Science!

In science we we tried to make the best sandcastle. First we had to plan our ideas and this week we got to do our investigation.

We needed

~ some water

~ sand in a tray

~ a cup to make a sandcastle

~ measuring jug

~ ruler to measure the sandcastle

I found out that a 150ml of water made the best sandcastle. It was fun but it was messy!

Cherry 2S

Sports Day

Year 2 Sports day was busy because we did lots of activities and parents came and watched. My favourite was balancing a ball on a bat and my mom was trying to make me laugh and drop the ball. The dressing up game was silly but lots of fun. It was good becasue it was a hot, sunny day. Orange Octopus team came first, Red lobsters came second and Yellow soft sand team came third. Everyone got  a sticker for joining in. We also had a parents race!

Tanya 2S

Clay fish

On Friday afternoon we made clay fish in clay. First we had to make 2 designs and we got to pick our favourite one to make. We had to use our persistence power to make the clay fish because we had to mould the clay into to shape and and add a fin and some eyes. The clay felt really gooey and slimy but it was good fun. Next we will paint the fish.

Nikhil 2S