This week in Literacy the children have been writing riddles about nocturnal animals. Read the clues and see if you can work out which animal is being described.

I am furry, soft and sneaky.
I live in a den.
For my tea I eat hedgehogs, rabbits and rubbish from bins.
I prowl in the night to search for food.
Also I have a snout so I can smell 50 times better than people.
I talk to my friends by barking and making strange eerie sounds.
What am I?
By Jaya

I eat mice by swooping down and catching them with my sharp talons.
I’m a fluffy animal with chocolate coloured feathers.
My beak is as sharp as a hedgehog’s spikes.
I swiftly fly in the dark, dark night.
What am I?
By Weronika

Prowling cautiously I sneak up on my prey.
I am as orange as a tangerine and my tail is bushy.
Sometimes I eat juicy rabbits.
What am I?
By Leonard-Spencer

I have spikes that are as sharp as a bed of needles.
I have a snout that helps me to smell my food.
My face is as soft as a pillow but keep away from my spikes!
When I am scared I turn into a ball so that when animals try to eat me they get hurt.
I am as brown as a tree trunk.
What am I?
By Adam


This week we have been learning about owls. We have researched the life cycle of an owl and learnt some fascinating facts.

Did you know that an owl’s feathers are not waterproof so they cannot hunt in the rain? Dainus

Did you know that owls have one ear higher than the other? Jannah

Did you know that they have long legs and sharp claws to help them catch their prey? Priya

We also made owls using paper plates. We used our creativity power and selected the resources we needed. What do you think of our owls?


Fantastic Foxes

image image image

To help us learn about fantastic foxes, Year 2 decided to make fox masks. we needed our persistence power and Numeracy skills to accurately measure out ears and teeth following the set of instructions. We then added scary eyes and turned ourselves into foxes so we could be……..

sneaky as a robber………Betty

orange as a pumpkin………Victoria

and finally have teeth as

sharp as a golden dagger…….Hasnain.

Let us know what you think of our masks!








Animal Discovery

Our topic this half term is ‘Animal Discovery’.

Year 2 went on an exciting adventure to the Night Time Zone to start our new topic and learn about some of the interesting animals that come out at night.

We have decided to learn about foxes, owls, hedgehogs and maybe even bats. Add your questions to the ┬áblog and we will try to answer them in class….