2W Inspire

Now you have taken part in the maths workshop try some of the games at home. Use your number cards to order numbers, sort into odd and even, make 2 digit numbers and say how many T (tens) and U (units) ther are. Try 3 digit numbers too. Read the number to your partner and get them to write it.
Snakes and ladders and the board games we made today help with counting on and number bonds.

Gingerbread people plan escape from 2K !

Today in plan,do,review Miss Meally made gingerbread people with 2K. Unfortunately they decided to find an escape route, so we had to go on a gingerbread hunt! We eventually found them and kept them under Miiss Meally’s watchful eyes.

2K had a great time making them, thanks Miss Meally.

Plan, do review

[slideshow] In plan, do and review today we had lots of activities for the children to do such as working in the Health Centre, acting out being doctors and nurses. Also making finger puppets, making models out of lego and using the net books where they were using word to write their own stories.

Road Safety! Do you always look left and right?

This week in Miss Kirkham’s Literacy class we have been focusing on ‘Road Safety’ as part of our work on instructions. On Tuesday we turned into rap superstars as we made our own ‘road safety rap’! Can you make your own ‘road safety’ rap? (E.g. ‘Use your eyes and your feet, look up and down the street …’) Post them on here for the whole world to see!
*Photos coming soon!*

Children in Need!

Today we worked as a team to create ‘Children in Need’ posters to tell our local friendly alien all about it (they don’t have it on his planet you see!’

What have you learnt about ‘Children in Need’? What did you like about the lesson?