Circuit crazy!!

In topic we learnt about Thomas Edison and how he was an American inventor who invented the modern day light bulb. As our science topic is electricity, we were challenged to make a light bulb light up.

We had to use our curiosity power and persistence because  we were shown the equipment- light bulbs and bulb holders, wires, batteries and battery holder but we had to work out what to do and how to do it.



Henry Ford the inventor

image image

Henry Ford was born on 30th July 1863 in Michigan, U.S.A. He worked with Thomas Edison in a factory but what he really wanted to invent cars. The first car he made was the Model T Ford in 1909 and it was the first car with a roof, steering wheel and proper brakes. We had a go at being inventors and we invented cars of the future. We hope you like them………



Florence the courageous nurse

imageIn class we have learnt about Florence Nightingale. She was a brave nurse who helped the wounded soldiers in the Crimean war  and walked around during the night holding a lamp. The hospitals were disgusting, foul and smelly because they were full of rats and diseases. We did some sketching of Florence and worked hard to use line and tone, we also did some acting.