Y2 Goal Scorers

Skeleton Adventure Goal Scorers are………….. (Drum roll please)

The Skeleton Crew


On a dark dark night, I saw twinkling stars but the skeletons

and I was feeling sad on the uncomftable raft.

Then something happened….

Someone came to rescue them.

They jumped in the air and climbed on board.

By Tara 2B



 Skeleton Adventure

The skeletons can see a fierce shark so they paddled and paddled then

 they saw a ship they called help so the ship came. The pirates came and

they took the boat because they liked the boat. After that they saw a

shark again, so they got away from the pirates and they paddled from

the shark. They were very tired then they drank a can of coke because

they liked coke. The big skeleton said coke is unhealthy but that’s my favourite drink said little skeleton. Do not have a coke said big

skeleton, ok said little Skelton so then they went home.

Sunya Ali 2S