London’s Burning!

Can you sing ‘London’s Burning’

Use these lyrics (song words) to help you:

 ‘London’s Burning’

London’s Burning, London’s Burning.

Fetch the engine, fetch the engine.

Fire! Fire!

Fire! Fire!

Pour on water, pour on water.

Build London! New London!

Brick houses. Stone tiling.

Wide streets! Tall churches!

And Saint Paul’s will have a dome on!
This weblink has the music on it:

Firefighters visit

On Thursday 28th September, we had a visit from Tony, Andy, Dale and Dave who are firefighters from Smethwick Fire Station on Stony Lane. They led a presentation about The Great Fire of London and Fire Safety. We learnt about how people dealt with fire in the past and what we should do nowadays.They had told us in detail about all of the amazing and important jobs that firefighters do. They gave lots of great advice about how to stay safe, what to do in an emergency such as ringing 999, knowing your address, how important smoke alarms are and when to ‘STOP! DROP! ROLL!’… We even acted that out and somebody had to dress up in all of the heavy kit that firefighters wear…!
If you would like advice on fitting smoke alarms, parents can ring Smethwick Fire Station – General Enquiries on: 01213807533 
Take a look at our photos…

Aston Hall

On Friday 29th September, we visited the stunning Aston Hall. We had a fantastic guide called Laura who helped us learn while we explored the beautiful building. There was dressing up, discovering different kinds of rooms and things to make. Take a look at the photos. Try to name the rooms and what you learnt about the Great Fire of London in each one. See if you can name the famous people the children dressed up as…