2W Plan, Do and Review 26.1.11

Today in plan, do and review the children were planning altogether as a whole group and putting their ideas on a long strip of paper. Then the children walked around looking at other children’s ideas. The children try and use the words because, and, why to plan their ideas. They have a chance in turn to speak to the rest of the class out loud.

Today some children were clay designers where they made pots, dinosaurs, cups, lamps and also writing their own name in clay. Other children made models with the lego, others made a car out of cardboard. While other children acted out different characters in a restaurant and also some children were in the music studio using different instruments.[slideshow]

2k Plan, Do, Review 26-1-2011

2K has been working hard in Plan, Do, Review. They have been making models using boxes, tubes and coloured paper. Somebody even made a spaceship with aliens! Also they have made telescopes using coloured cellophane.
Some children also worked with an artist called Natalie, they enjoyed making their own front cover from their favourite book.
A group of children made up a dance routine which they showed to the rest of the class. Fab!

Plan. Do and Review 19.01.11

A group of children today have been working with different types of fabric. Some of the children have used sewing to make their items and some children have been using cellotape and glue to produce their items. Items include a purse, a crown, a hat, a necklace, a poster and a person.

Other children made a bed out of cardboard working as a team and some children made models working on their own to produce their planned model.[slideshow]

2K Plan, Do, Review

Today in Plan, Do, Review some of the children made Chocolate and Raspberry mousse YUM, YUM!
Others made models out of boxes and tubes and some of the boys made a helicopter from the lego while others played in the new role play area ‘2K’s restaurant’.
I wonder what they will Plan, Do, and Review next week?[slideshow]

Plan, do and review 12th January 2011

During plan, do and review today the children have made a large tent out of cardboard and have worked really well as a team. One of the children have made a robot outfit. Other children made their own island using different materials to show features on the island. Some children worked as a Story Maker using their imagination to create their own exciting stories for book week which they read to other year groups.

We would like to say a big thank you to Miss Haywood for letting us use the big cardboard from her room.[slideshow]

Come Dine With Me!

Our new topic for this half term is ‘Come Dine With Me! Our roleplay area has been converted into a restaurant called ‘Shalimar, Around the World in 80 Dishes. The children have made the cupboards, cooker, fridge and equipment to go in the kitchen area.