2k Plan, Do. Review 16-03-11

Today in Plan, Do, Review the children chose the theme, ‘Sea Creatures’. They made water colour pictures of the animals that live in the sea and they researched on the computer all the unusual animals that live in the sea.

A small group of children made a giant sea monster from old cardboard boxes and lots and lots of masking tape. While others played with the sea creature animals making up their own stories. Also, some made masks. Can you guess who they are?

2K Plan, Do, Review 9-11-2011

In Plan, do, review today the children planned activities around the theme ‘The Jungle’ that they chose last week. They took their own photographs of their work and their friends.

Can you guess who they are?

Plan, Do and Review 02/03/11

Today in plan, do and review we had the I.C.T. Club, where some children went on to a new programme called ‘Voki’ where they chose ‘Talking Avtar’ which talked back to them on whatever they typed into the computer.

2nd Activity was where the children were the Outstanding Teachers and delivered lessons with a lesson plan, which included Numeracy and Phonics.

3rd Activity was the Estate Agents where children used boxes to design a house that they were going to sell in a group with persuasive language, so that the buyer is interested in purchasing the property i.e, enormous swimming pool, 3 large bedrooms and a massage chair. Children also chose the price of the property.