Thomas Edison

In year 2 today we found about Thomas Edison. He was born in 1847 and he died in 1931. He is an American inventor and is most famous for inventing the light bulb! Did you know if he hadn’t invented the light bulb we  would have to use candles and oil lamps.

We went around our school and looked for different lights.

I am excited to find out more about Thomas Edison and electricity!

More Mystery Items

Today, we checked our time travelling suitcase and discovered a mystery photograph and light bulb.  As a class, we decided that this was part of our mission that William Gibson had set for us in a letter.  We used the clues to discover that the photograph was a picture of Thomas Edison and that he invented the light bulb as well as many other items.

Some of the children decided to write a response to Mr Gibson.  This is Elizabeth’s letter:

Dear William Gibson, 

We have found some facts about a famous inventor called Thomas Edison and he created the light bulb.  Oh, by the way Thomas Edison was born in 1847 and he sadly died in 1931.

Yours Sincerly.


As a class, we have placed Elizabeth’s letter in the suitcase and we are awaiting further missions.


Time Travel!

Today,  Year 2 had a mystery suitcase arrive in their classroom covered in dust.  As a class, we decided to open the suitcase  and we found some old pictures, big-rimmed glasses, a letter and  a photo-frame. The letter was asking for our help  and it suggested that we would need to find out about famous people in order to help.