Get Talking get Learning Homework


The new phonics groups are up and running and the children are trying really hard on their sounds and writing- keep it up!


We have been looking this week at the Nag Club by Anne Fine- We have been focusing on how characters act and develop through a story. Next week we will be moving onto the plot of the story and how the story develops- this will then help us when we come to extend the story.

Literacy Homework (For literacy children only) Create your own nag to get your very own boggle hat- you could draw you in your boggle hat and create a lesson to teach other children how to use your nag!


 Numeracy This week we have recapped adding with and without a 100 square. Next week we are moving onto measures and doing some real life measuring around school.

Numeracy Homework Measure the length/height of 8 objects around your house. What do you measure in? (m, cm). If you don’t have a ruler then you could estimate how long items could be. (more/less than 30cm)



This week we have been introduced to our new topic of ‘Time Travel!’ We received a bag from a lost time traveller and our mission is to try to help him! In science, we learnt about Thomas Edison who was an inventor- can you find out any more facts? Maybe even find research another inventor.

Y2 Time Travel! (new topic this term)

Year 2 have found an old suitcase in the centre of the carpet in their classrooms, surrounded by “dust” and glitter.

  • Who has left the bag?
  • Where has it come from?
  • What clues do we have?

What we found inside the suitcase was:

  1. A letter from the time traveler
  2. Glasses
  3. Log book
  4. Old photos
  5. Birth Certificate

Children put clues together to get a big picture

. Find out later what “Mission” has been set……

Get talking Get Learning Homework


A big well done to all the children in phonics who are trying really hard with their sounds! Please keep reading the books that are sent home with them to help them improve.


We have been working very hard this week on our story telling. We have made up our own story following a plan and also making them up from a selection of nouns. After half term we are staying with stories and will be looking at stories by Anne Fine.

Literacy Homework (For literacy children only)

Have you read any books by Anne Fine? Can you think of any other famous authors that we could look at in literacy? Write me a letter to persuade me to read your favourite book.



Next week we will be looking at adding- we will be looking at using a hundred square, adding tens and units with and without using a hundred square.

Numeracy Homework

We have set you some mathletics homework- keep singing your times tables toons to get better at your times tables.



We have finished Come Dine With Me and will be starting our new topic after half term- all will be revealed on Monday! Why not keep a diary of all the fantastic things that you do over half term so we can share the first day back?

Year 2 Discovery Day!

Children have been busy cooking food this morning for their topic “Come Dine With Me” from different countries in their groups (i.e. India, China, Jamaica and Italy.)

They cooked:

  •  Italian pasta
  • Chapattis with cucumber/mint dip from India
  • Chinese vegetable stir fry
  • Jamaican banana cake

After lunch both classrooms were restaurants and they had “Round The World Feast”.  The teachers acted as waitresses to serve food.

Y2 Planning Plant Investigation

Children set up their experiments and placed their pots in the destinations decided last week.  Children used cotton wool instead of soil and cress seeds with a tiny bit of water.  Children shared ideas and told each other what is happening at each stage and what needs to happen next.