Miss Beasley’s Goal Scorer

Bearwood Primary School

Bearwood Road


B66 4HB

29th June 2012

Dear Mrs Shore,

                            I had a brilliant day at Weston Super Mare. Despite the nasty weather we still had a wonderful day!


My favourite part is when I and Medinah made a made loads of islands with one massive moat around islands.


If you want to improve you could have more pirates (different ones). Could you also have more games on the pier?


Could you send a message back please?


Yours sincerely,

Oliver Naylor 2S


Miss Steveton’s Goal Scorer

Dear Miss Shore,

My favourite part was the donkeys because they were fast and it made you happy. I had my best smile. If you want to make Weston Super Mare better you can make lots of ice cream shops and put a bouncy castle for later. You are the best.


From Alexia in 2B


Alexia worked independently to sound out all her words using her Fred fingers and speed sound chart.