Owl nests

Today 2B went to Forest School and were set a challenge to create an owl’s nest.

“We were split into 2 teams. We were told that the nest had to be big enough for 1 person to get in and it had to have 3 eggs inside. We had to collect lots of sticks to make the outside of the nest. Next we collected lots of grass to make it soft. We used stones to make the owl’s eggs. We had to use our sharing powers to work together.”

Look closely at the photographs. Do you think we completed our challenge?   

Fox pictures

2B went to Forest School this week to create fox pictures.

“First we collected 4 sticks that were the length of our arm. We used this to create the picture frame. Then we collected lots of natural resources to create our fox. It was lots of fun and we had to use our sharing and creative powers.”

What do you like about our pictures?