Road Safety – Do you know how to stay safe when you’re out and about..?

This week we had a visit from Karen Hale about Road Safety and
Staying Safe near roads. She helped us remember how we can make sure we have safe journeys when we’re out and about.Now we don’t have our School Crossing Patrol person John because he has retired and the Zebra crossing is gone, we have a Pelican Crossing instead. Remember to press the button, WAIT (look across the road to spot the Red Man standing still). It’s safe to cross when you hear the beeping sound and look across for the Green Man walking. Make sure that cars stop before you cross! Also, hold your adult’s hand! Always Stop Look Listen and Think.
She also advised us to ‘Be Bright & Be Seen’

Watch the hedgehogs road safety advice:

Fire Safety 

On Friday 20th January, we had a visit from Ollie, Bob, Neil and Alec who are fire fighters from Smethwick Fire Station on Stony Lane. They led a presentation about The Great Fire of London and Fire Safety. We learnt about how people dealt with fire in the past and what we should do nowadays.

They had lots of great advice about how to stay safe, what to do in an emergency such as ringing 999 or 112, knowing your address, smoke alarms and when to ‘STOP! DROP! ROLL!’…

If you would like advice on fitting smoke alarms, parents can ring Smethwick Fire Station – General Enquiries on: 01213807533 

Take a look at our pictures from the visit.