The dangerous time machine

My favourite part of the story was when Thunder Boy was escaping from his mean teacher.

He rushed to the time machine.  He  sprinted  really fast. When he was at the time machine he quickly pressed the red button and the button went BOING! Then as quick as a flash he was back  in  2s.

Gramond and the Evil Teacher

My  favourite  part is of the story was chapter 4.

Quick as a flash Gramond ran as fast as a  racing car. The security   cameras spotted him and BANG! The evil teacher locked  the door and pressed 131. BOOM!  The teacher went kapow!   The evil teacher turned into an alien. Gramond hid behind a door and……



Ben and the Time machine

My favourite chapter is chapter one because it was funny and you get to meet the different characters.

This is the start of my story. What do you think?

Sat in the corner a shy boy called Ben. He was 7 years old. He was 2B’s classroom.  He was a boy. He was dressed all in red like a tomato. He was  very, very naughty  in class.


Ibraheem and the time machine.

When Miss Batalax came she shouted at Ibraheem so he jumped out of the window, went in his time machine. He buckled his seat belt, put in the password. Suddenly… It went BOOM!

Do you want to know what happens next?



The Time Machine

My favourite part was Chapter 1

This is the opening to my story:

There was a boy, he was siting crossed leg in the role play area . He was counting money. His name Jeevan, he was new and he was in year 2.

What do you think?

Rosy and the time machine

My favourite part was chapter 4  because I  like when the  time machine  went bang!

Rosy  rushed  towards the door and the time machine went bang!  The black smoke  came and Rosy felt  sick and dizzy. The time machine was twirling around. Rosy felt upset.