Once upon a Time…

Today we had a treat…We went to the hall to watch Year 1. The children had created a play about a character called Little Green Bearwood Dude.

Through the woods, through the woods, through the woods to Grandma’s house, there were well known characters like the Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks, a house made of crisps and the children had even made up their own songs! They had also created masks and scenery… Wow! It was so brilliant! Well done Year 1, we really enjoyed it!

A special visit

On Wednesday 3rd July, we had a visit from Brent, Jenna, Brandon, Lucas, Christina, Macy and Kyle who were high school and university students from Texas who helped tell a story from the Bible that Jesus told called ‘The Good Samaritan’. We learned that, if you want to be a better person, we should care about everyone, whether it is easy or not…

Remember…Treat everyone with respect.

Seaside – Water 🌊 Safety

Today Emma and Marie from Smethwick Swimming Centre came into school to talk to us about water safety.

We learned so many things! We learned that you need to stay safe around water at all times, not just the beach. You should be supervised when you’re out and about near ponds, canals, rivers, lakes and the ocean. There was a lot of great advice.

If you do fall in to water and have problems, remember the following:

Keep calm, keep breathing and keep your head out of water and call for help.

We did some role playing about two different kinds of rescues.

A Throw Rescue where you throw something in the water to help the person stay afloat and paddle to the edge.

A Reach Rescue when you lie down to be safer on the side somewhere suitable and pass something for the person to reach for and hold onto until you pull them out carefully.

Remember to tell the person in the water what to do all the time to calm them down.

Can you remember which of these things is ideal for which type of rescue..?

    dog lead
    beach ball

We found out about different beach safety and different flags that are used to let us know important things. Take a look…

👍🏼Stay Safe!👍🏼