Plan, Do and Review 16/11/2011

Today in plan, do and review the children have been 3D Designers where they have made a 3D park, a castle, a friendship box, a Chinese scroll, a play script and a house. Other children were in the theatre where they made their own puppets and backgrounds for the theatre. Some children were Scientists where they were experimenting with liquids and solids and using syringes, microscopes, torches, Petri dish and magnifying glasses.[slideshow]

2K Plan, Do , Review 2-2-11

Today the children planned to make a pasta salad. They chopped up onions, red, green and yellow peppers, tomatoes and a cucumber. They then sat at the table and ate it with their friends.
Some of the other children celebrated Chinese New Year by finding out what year they were born and what animal represented that year. I’m the year of the Snake and Mrs Lowndes is the year of the Dog. They also made mask of their Chinese animal.

2W Plan, Do and Review 02/02/11

Today the children have made a puppet theatre where they used puppets to act out their stories. Some children were in the factory where they made cars and a friendship box out of cardboard and other children were in the maxi fun making skateboards and cars. They had lots of fun.[slideshow]