News Flash!



Today we created and recorded a new broadcast in small groups telling others about the ‘houses burning down on Pudding Lane.’

To help us we watched the news on This gave us some  top tips on how  to be great journalists.

We had two news presenters who asked ‘SUPER’ questions which started with: How? Why? and What?   We had two eye witnesses who were faced with real life scenarios.  The broadcasts were filmed and edited by specially trained cameramen.

Year 2 Science

[slideshow]Children made boats out of: paper,play dough,card,foil and wood to answer the hot question ” How many men can the boat save before it sinks?” Children recorded their findings on a planning board and checked these against their predictions.

Year 2 constructing 3D models of 17th century houses

[slideshow]It was great to be builders, to construct house models that we designed with our talk trios last week.The powers that we have used are: planning, sharing and persistence.We also used time connectives that we added to our working wall.
We had a job list:
1: Construct and join material to make large net (top of house).
2:Cut out net for the bottom part of the house and then join.
3:Cut and attach card to construct a roof.
See if you can make one at home by using the powers that we have used today. HAVE FUN!