Fire Fire!

This half term our topic is called ‘Fire Fire!’ and we have been learning about the Greatr Fire of London. We put together clues at the start of our topic to be independent learners and find out for ourselves when and where the fire started.

Look at our fantastic display. What can you explain about the fire?

My Eid Holiday!

Yesterday It was eid. My cousins came over to our house. We all wore bright, shiny clothes. Before we got everything started I helped my mum cook the dinner ready to be set on the table. Our food was yummy. Next my mom straightened my hair with a straighter. I then put my clothes on. I wore a green and yellow dress. It looked wonderful. My cousins then came over to play. We then had dinner. We had roast. It was delicious. When I finished eating I washed my hands and I played with all my cousins. It was a fun day. I hope you had a fun day on eid. Tell me how you celebrated your eid? Let me know in the comments below: Good luck! 🙂