Get Talking Get Learning Homework


A big whoosh to all the children who are reading their books and sound sheets. Please support your children at home by reading with them and talking about the book with them.


This week we have started work on poetry, we have looked at a range of different poems (Some of our reviews are on the blog!) and we have had a try at performing piece of poetry. Next week we are staying with poetry and will finish the week writing our competition entry!

Literacy Homework (For literacy children only)

Note down some ideas for your competition entry- What is your poem going to be about? What WOW! Words can you use in your poem? Are you going to have a shape poem? Rhyming poem?



This week we have been using all of our numeracy knowledge to work out missing symbols from questions. Next week we will be warming our brains up with the 4 times tables then we are going to continue to be numeracy detectives working out the missing numbers from questions and creating our own rules to work out the answer!

Numeracy Homework

Can you create a games for your 4 times table to play at home to help you learn your times tables? Why not share times table toons with your family at home and show them how good you are at singing them?



This week we have created our own restaurant. Next week we are going to be creating a menu to use in our restaurant it will include a range of different food from your country including WOW! Words to describe them! Can you think of as many WOW! Words as you can to help describe some of the food that you have on your menu?

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