Results of class votes for ideas to help children who are finding things tricky at the moment.

The top 3 ideas that you all voted for were:

Playground buddies and a buddy stop, an art club and a book club.

We have set up 3 committees to look at how we can make these 3 ideas happen.

The Buddy committee is:  Zainab, Riya, Jacob, Evie, Ethan and Robbie.

The Art club committee is: Shiyanu, Hamzah, Sumaya, Abdullah, Ziyaan and Rowan.

The Book club committee is: Lucy, Rachael, Musa, Elva, Meera and Katie.

There will be an update soon on how these ideas are moving forward.

Our ideas to help children who are finding things tricky at the moment, either at home, school or with their learning. Please vote by 3.3.22

Last week, school councillors shared their classes ideas.

Please vote for your top 5, from the list below, ready for the school council meeting on Thursday 3.3.22. We will be actioning the school top 5 this half term.

  1. Listening buddies
  2. Class experts
  3. A reflection room/ space at break times
  4. Focus zone during learning
  5. Charities that help poster in every room
  6. Playground buddies
  7. Buddy stop
  8. Learning club
  9. Learning packs home
  10. Art club
  11. Book club


School council meeting minutes for 20.1.22 and agenda for 27.1.22

All classes attended the meeting except for 6M, who were at the library.

3S, 4P, 4K and 6D all had class council meetings and shared the ideas that their class had suggested:

To help children who are finding things tricky at the moment, either at home, school or with their learning. 

All classes agreed to have a class council meeting to discuss the first aim ready to vote on the 5 best ideas, next week, 27.1.22

Councillors agreed to bring their pen portraits for the display by the next meeting.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s ideas of how we can help.

How to run a class council meeting

School council met today and agreed on how to run class council meetings.

  1. Allow half an hour
  2. Have them weekly, on a Tuesday
  3. One councillor acts as chair and the other acts as secretary
  4. Use the agenda post, on Student Voice, to guide the class discussion
  5. One person speaks at a time
  6. Use questions to clarify what it is a class member means

Councillors will share all thoughts and ideas at Thursday’s school council meeting.

School Council’s aims 21/22

After lots of discussion the council decided that these would be the council’s 5 aims.

  1. To help children who are finding things tricky at the moment, either at home, school or with their learning.
  2. To make everyone feel welcome, especially new children.
  3. To make sure everyone feels safe.
  4. To always listen
  5. To make Bearwood Primary School a greener place.

Your class councillors will be asking you what you think about these aims and how we can achieve them, throughout the year. Please let them know what you think.

Minutes of School Council Meeting 4.10.19

The meeting opened at 14:30

All classes attended.

All classes had had class council meetings, except for 6P, so very well done.

Councillors shared what their classes would like at playtime and lunchtime:

Chalk drawing, reading area, mini golf, squash, hockey, more plants, table tennis, more grass, longer break, climbing wall, bowling, art activities, colouring outside, girls only games and boys only games, hula hooping, picnic tables used to eat sandwiches, noughts and crosses, 2 hoops for basket ball, posters to help us learn our times tables, big lego, board games, more PALs, healthy snack bar and pets.

As a class vote on your top 5 favourite playtime ideas.

The meeting closed at 15:00


For next week let your councillors know places that you would like to visit.


The next meeting is Friday 11th October @ 14:30 in the James’ Room.



Meet this half terms PALs

This year they are all from Y6. They will change half termly and by the end of the year all of Y6 will have had the opportunity to be a PAL.

Their photos are displayed outside Mrs Hadley’s room and they wear big, yellow playground buddy badges so you can’t miss them.

Their mission is to keep you safe and to make you happy. Please let an adult know when a PAL has been kind to you and made you feel happy.




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