Reading Corner Book Review




The 52-Storey Treehouse

By Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

This book is about Andy and his friend Terry who save Mr Big Nose, but then they get stuck themselves and so a girl has to save them. My favourite part of the story is when Terry sees the donkey and has to walk for ages.

Spoiler alert: the girl is the vegetable killer. Shhh!

Rating 5/5

Genre: Humour

Age 8+

Fatia Year 6


Reading Corner Book Review


By Jamie Littler

Jamie Littler is an author-illustrator whose illustration work includes the best selling Hamish and the World Stoppers and Wilf the Might Worrier.

Summary of Frostheart: Far out in the coldest part of the Snow Sea, Ash waits for his missing parents with only his yeti guardian Tobu. But when an accident happens, Ash finds he has super powers (song weaving). He’s whisked aboard the Frostheart – an explorer sleigh with a daring crew. Can they help Ash to master his new powers and find his parents?

Rating 5/5

Genre: Adventure/fantasy

Age: 8+

Sehajbir Year 6


Reading Corner Book Review

The Night of the Living Dummy

By R L Stine

This is a well-written book that will surely send a shiver down your spine. When I read this book, I really enjoyed it, as well as having some daunting thoughts about the doll, Slappy. The Night of the Living Dummy is based on two twin teenage girls Kris and Lindsey Powell. Lindsey finds an evil doll “Slappy” who haunts Kris constantly. I am warning you now because YOU’RE IN FOR A FRIGHT KIDS! Enjoy reading this awesome book.

Rating: ***** 5/5 Amazing

Genre: Horror

Age: 7+

Recommendation: I strongly recommend this book for children who have a liking for horror books. (No worries, this book is fine for children over 7 – it is not the scariest book to read.

Imaan Year 6


Reading Corner book review




Diary Of A Wimpy Kid In The Deep End

By Jeff Kinney

I like this book because all of the family have different opinions (e.g Dad wants to visit Civil War battlefields and take part in a re-enactment. Manny wanted to go to the Animal Safari. Mum said they should go in their own community. and Rodrick and Greg thought they should go to thrills and spills waterpark). It has a lot of funny pictures and they have brilliant adventures! I rate this book 4.5 out of 5.

Rating 4.5/5

Genre: Humour

Age: 5+

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to people who like adventures and have a good sense of humour (this book is suitable for children 5+). You should buy this book!

Phoenix Year 6


Class council meetings for 21.11.22

Thank you for all your brilliant ideas. A wish list was drawn up and 2 members of school council were tasked with sharing the wish list with Miss Haywood.

Unfortunately, due to other commitments, the next school council meeting will be on the 2.12.22

In the mean time, please use your class council meeting times to design the ultimate school playground.

You could work in teams, pairs or individually to come up with the best playground plan for our school.

Please submit your fabulous designs to your school councillor before 2.12.22 so that we can share them at the next meeting.

We look forward to seeing your designs.

What we said …

Minutes from school council meeting, 4.11.22, classes discussed:

1. Listed below are your ideas to make Bearwood a better place. Please take a class vote to decide on your classes’ top 3 from this list.
2. Please brain storm playground activity ideas. When coming up with ideas think about the size and space of the playground.

At their class council meetings this week, this is what they said:

2C – 1. more after school clubs, more playground activities and a science club

2. arts and crafts, a climbing wall and keep fit stations

2D – 1. gardening club, swimming club and more after school clubs

2. art and colouring and a slide and swings – we discussed that these items may not be safe

3M – 1. They will discuss this next week.

2. a small climbing frame, swings and playground equipment.

3J – 1. play ground buddies, more school clubs and more playground equipment.

2. chalk, reading books, sports equipment and lego

4S – 1. Litter picking, lost property managers and a bully awareness campaign

2. climbing wall, grass with swings, a seesaw and monkey bars.

4P – 1. swimming club, play ground buddies activities and more after school clubs

2. hop scotch, board games, more basketball hoops and a reading area.

5HB – 1. swimming club, more residential visits and after school clubs

2. They will discuss number 2 for next week.

5DB – 1. swimming club, more activities in the playground and after school clubs

2. football area, chalk and rock climbing

6M – did not have a meeting

6D – 1. more residential trips, swimming club and more after school clubs

2. Origami, small ball games and a play area.

Thank you for sharing your ideas, if you have any queries please speak to your councillor.

School council decided:

1. that they would compile a wish list of after school clubs and playground activities, next week and share it with the SLT

2. that they would draw up an action plan of what they can and will do to share with their classes.