School Council Meeting 23.2.24 – Job Centre action Planning

The meeting opened at 1:36. All classes were in attendance. Today we created an action plan for the BPS job centre because this half term’s priority is to provide more responsibilities and opportunities to help.

We split the action plan into 2 areas: Classroom jobs and outside of the classroom (outside for short) jobs.

For Classroom jobs school council will:

  1. provide a list of possible job ideas
  2. Design a job advert proforma that teachers can use
  3. Create a job centre class display
  4. Write a set of guidelines for the teachers on how the job centre works and what it can offer teachers.

For Outside jobs school council will:

  1. Work in teams with managers to liaise with non-class based staff
  2. Write job descriptions
  3. Carry out interviews
  4. Keep a waiting list of suitable candidates

For next week’s meeting please share all your brilliant ideas about what classroom and outside jobs are needed or there could be.

The next meeting will be Friday 1.3.24 @ 13:30 in the Oasis room.


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