School council meeting 16/05/14 by Sian

3G, 4M and 6C did not attend/

Need schedule for cricket at break time and lunchtime.

lock for girls and boys toilets. Aniq to speak to Mr Spicer and ask about mirrors in boys toilets.

Longer ropes for skipping, to avoid tieing shorter ropes together.To ask Mrs Hadley.

Meeting ended at 2:45pm

School council meeting 13/3/14 by Danae

Meeting started at 2:50.

Chaired by Sian Dulay.

All present except for 3G.

4M and 5M had class council

Ideas years 4 and 5 had for the toilets:

. Broken hand dryesr need to be fixed.

. More soap is needed.

. Broken locks need to be fixed.

. People should stop hiding stuff in the toilets.

People want a key stage 2 disco.

Year 5 thoughts for Sports Relief:

.Two steps, jump.

. Run.

Playground notices:

. People always trip on the stone floor.

. There is missing equipment from huff and puff.

. We need something underneath outside school gates because small balls roll underneath.