School council meeting 19/03/13

Meeting opened at 2:40

Neither Y2 had class council.

Neither Y3 had class council.

Neither Y4 had a class council.

Neither Y5 had a class council.

6JD would likeĀ  moreĀ  after clubs however the rest of school council said we have loads.
Uni courses 6JD wanted:
Football, Lego, Cooking, Mini Olympics and Childcare.
They wanted to know when Uni would be back on.


The toilets keep getting dirty there is also no locks or soap in the toilets.

“we don’t use our toilets at home like that.” Eloise Y4

School council need to come up with a solution for this.

School councillors need to bring ideas from their classes next week , on how to Tackle the Toilet Trouble.

Eeshah and Elliot will tell Mr Spicer which cubicles, if any, need a lock.


It was agreed that School Council will have an assembly at the end of next half term.


Orion will meet with Mr Meally and ask him about the ICT programme and feedback to school council.

Close meeting at 2:57

Notes taken by Joshan Y6