Inter-house competitions

What sort of inter-house competitions would you like to take part in?
Please tell your class councillors so that we can organise some inter-house competitions.

27 thoughts on “Inter-house competitions

  1. I think it would be a good idea to have a football tournament and whoever wins the tournament will get 15 house points for their house.

  2. Multi sport. We can do a range of sports and whoever gets the highest point, the team wins and gets a reasonable amount of points.

  3. My idea for inter house competitions is a maths tournament every game each house wins, they will get house point depending on how many they answered correctly.

  4. If you are good we will give you:
    Dance competition,
    Football match,
    Singing competition,
    Game competition,
    And a house point for your team.

  5. We could see who can think of the best house names and if the teacher likes it you can win 25 marbles for your class.

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