Playground Buddies start January 23 – Please use class council time to organise

Playground Buddies

School council decided, today, that:

Everyone will be a buddy for a day, each week, for 5 weeks. 

Buddies will be on duty at breaktime and lunchtime on their duty day.

School councillors will organise and manage the Buddies, in their class, with the help of class teachers. 

School councillors will stand in for absent buddies. 

Mrs Hadley will provide a blank rota and cap, to all classes, by Monday 12th December. 

Everyone has to take their turn at being a buddy. 

 A buddy will: 

Wear a cap when on duty 

Play with others if they are lonely 

Be responsible and fair 

Help children who are hurt 

Put the equipment away 

Fetch and put away bell 

Reminding everyone to stand still when the bell goes