School council meeting minutes for 20.1.22 and agenda for 27.1.22

All classes attended the meeting except for 6M, who were at the library.

3S, 4P, 4K and 6D all had class council meetings and shared the ideas that their class had suggested:

To help children who are finding things tricky at the moment, either at home, school or with their learning. 

All classes agreed to have a class council meeting to discuss the first aim ready to vote on the 5 best ideas, next week, 27.1.22

Councillors agreed to bring their pen portraits for the display by the next meeting.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s ideas of how we can help.

How to run a class council meeting

School council met today and agreed on how to run class council meetings.

  1. Allow half an hour
  2. Have them weekly, on a Tuesday
  3. One councillor acts as chair and the other acts as secretary
  4. Use the agenda post, on Student Voice, to guide the class discussion
  5. One person speaks at a time
  6. Use questions to clarify what it is a class member means

Councillors will share all thoughts and ideas at Thursday’s school council meeting.