Student council meeting 28th

2B and 4B did not attend the meeting.

3P and 6D haven’t had school meeting. please have one next week.

3G wanted more boardgames for in the playground and they also wanted more games in the playground.

3P suggested: a vegetable eating contest, fruity Friday, to resume selling fruit again and healthiest class competition and veggie award for the winners.

4W favourite fruits are: Bananas, grapes, oranges, kiwi, starwberries, mangoes, water melons and pineapples.

Suggested names for houses: Running red, burning blue, growling green and yummy yellow. Also names of footballers,cars, planets, bands,actors, movies and superheros. the clubs they wanted a drum circle, boxing and crafting.

Mr Murphy gives a BIG thank you to all the teachers that helped out at the KS 2 movie night.

Meeting 4th November

The chair person is goin to talk to class teachers that haven’t had class meetings. children that haven’t had meetings:3P,5M,4W,4B.


3G have suggested some fundraising for charities that haven’t got food.

5B have suggested some house names which we will give to mrs Haywood. They also suggested different quizes such as: Art work,  football contest, house games, song quizes, races, film quiz, cricket contests, word search, book quiz, spelling bee and guess the celebrity.

Venita and Kurandeep are going to devise a healthy eating scheme for year 4,5 and 6 and share it next fridays assembly.

If you have any questions or suggestions make sure  TO SPEAK TO YOUR STUDENT COUNCILLOR!!!

Meeting closed at 2:50 pm.

notes compiled by Keiran 6DD.