School Council aim 2: To make everyone feel welcome, especially new children.

All classes thought that these were the best ideas for making everyone feel welcome, especially children:

  1. Provide virtual and face to face school tours
  2. Play getting to know you games
  3. Have Welcome Buddies in every class

Please discuss your ideas for how we can make these 3 welcome ideas happen. What and who would you include in a tour? What getting to know you games do you know? How would a welcome buddy help?

Please share your ideas with at your class council meeting.

Agenda for wc 21.3.22

Please discuss:

  1. Becoming a PAL and how to apply (See previous post).We need 10 PALs per year group. Each PAL would be on duty a day a week.
  2. Discuss the top 3 ideas for being a more welcoming school and how we could make them happen.

Look forward to hearing your ideas and to receiving your applications to be a PAL.

We need PALS (playground Activity Leaders)


Playground Activity Leaders


Are you interested in becoming a PAL?

Would you be prepared to:

  • Give up some of your play times
  • Help to organise games and activities for the younger children
  • Be responsible for handing out and collecting in play equipment
  • Help make the playground a safe and happy place for everyone
  • Complete a playground leader course

If so please see your class councillor for an application form.

Class Council Agenda for wc 14.3.22

School Council aim 2:

To make everyone feel welcome, especially new children.

Please discuss the ideas that were shared at school council on 10.3.22. Which are your favourites? Please vote on your top 5.

Ask someone to play, look out for them

A warm welcome on all gates

Smile, respect

kind words, introduce them to others inc. grown ups

Welcome sign

A welcome letter before arrival

Welcome monitors in each class

School tour

Add actions to the key word key ring

Virtual school tour

Welcome video by children

Welcome booklet by children

Whole class stickered with names

Play get to know you games




Results of class votes for ideas to help children who are finding things tricky at the moment.

The top 3 ideas that you all voted for were:

Playground buddies and a buddy stop, an art club and a book club.

We have set up 3 committees to look at how we can make these 3 ideas happen.

The Buddy committee is:  Zainab, Riya, Jacob, Evie, Ethan and Robbie.

The Art club committee is: Shiyanu, Hamzah, Sumaya, Abdullah, Ziyaan and Rowan.

The Book club committee is: Lucy, Rachael, Musa, Elva, Meera and Katie.

There will be an update soon on how these ideas are moving forward.