School Council meeeting 28/06/12

Noted by: Aaliya

meeting opened at 25 past 12

Y2 no class meeting

3s  All would like smoothie most strawberries

They would like a talent show

3k no meeting

y4 at safari park

5m 10 children want a talent show

Any chance of a disco?

y6 are planning a fun day Friday soon

5d more trips  only had one this year (Up to class teacher)

Smoothies: Strawberry,banana,orange, pineapple

Would like a trip abroad

Would like more board games for golden time and wet play

Mrs Hadley asked about the children’s choice

Vegetarian: Vegetarian  burger and bun

Fish option: Lemon sole

Meat option: Roast dinner

Pudding option:Hot fudge cake

Suggestions:  5 mini doughnuts with chocolate sauce

Oceane volunteered to join talent show team.

Meeting closed 12:40








21st June 2012

Welcome to School Council, it’s good to be back.

Jai chaired the meeting which opened at 12:15

Apologies: 2S, 6H and 6M

Feed back from class council meeting:

4P – wanted a termly trip, council explained that trips were termly and that it depended on the topic.

Would like more interesting books in the classroom.

They think that the Huff and Puff equipment needs updating.

Only 1 class had had a class council meeting. Councillors must try to have weekly ones.

The Smoothie team: Aaliya, Jai, Bismah and Yousuf will meet Tuesday lunchtime in 6H.

The Talent Show Team (Emmanuel, Shannon, Eloise and Aryan) will meet same time and place.

Councillors went over the notes from the meeting and were told where to find them.

Meeting closed at 12:30