Design a Learning Secret Agent Happy Note Competition

The competition is open to everyone from Y1 – Y6.

Please hand your entry to your new teacher in September, making sure your name and class are on it.

The entries will be judged in age categories by School Council.


Prizes for the winners of each category and certificates for all who enter.                                                                                                                 

School Council Meeting 23.2.24 – Job Centre action Planning

The meeting opened at 1:36. All classes were in attendance. Today we created an action plan for the BPS job centre because this half term’s priority is to provide more responsibilities and opportunities to help.

We split the action plan into 2 areas: Classroom jobs and outside of the classroom (outside for short) jobs.

For Classroom jobs school council will:

  1. provide a list of possible job ideas
  2. Design a job advert proforma that teachers can use
  3. Create a job centre class display
  4. Write a set of guidelines for the teachers on how the job centre works and what it can offer teachers.

For Outside jobs school council will:

  1. Work in teams with managers to liaise with non-class based staff
  2. Write job descriptions
  3. Carry out interviews
  4. Keep a waiting list of suitable candidates

For next week’s meeting please share all your brilliant ideas about what classroom and outside jobs are needed or there could be.

The next meeting will be Friday 1.3.24 @ 13:30 in the Oasis room.


School Council Meeting 1.2.24

It was decided by councillor vote that:

More responsibilities and opportunities to help: buddies, monitors and assistants – would be the priority for next half term.

Some of the ideas that were shared were:

Register monitor

Chair stackers

Display monitors

Playground monitors

Playground buddies

Litter pickers

Medical assistants

Line leader

Variety of classroom jobs

Learning mentor

Supply monitor

Please discuss these ideas and any that you have ready to share at this week’s school council meeting which will be Friday 9th at 1:30 in the Oasis room.


School Council Meeting 26.1.24

The votes are in! All classes from Y2 – Y6 have voted and the 2 main priorities for School Council this year are:

  1. The playground: greater choice of activities, outside environment and recognition of good friendship skills.
  2. More responsibilities and opportunities to help: buddies, monitors and assistants.

Please discuss at class council which priority you think school council should start with and what we could do.

The next school council meeting will be Thursday, 1.2.24, at 2:30pm in the parent room.



School Council meeting 19.1.24

Thank you to all the councillors who attended today’s meeting and for your ideas.

Class council agenda:

  1. Y3, Y5, 6D and 4D please vote, as a class, for your 3 favourite priorities from the list of priorities in the previous post.
  2. All classes brainstorm what jobs you would like to do across the school. Who would you help? What could you do? Where would you do it? When would you do it? One idea we already have is to be a litter picker helping Mr Gilbert keep the school grounds tidy everyday.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.

The next meeting will be Friday 26th January in the Oasis room at 2 pm.


School Council Meeting 12.1.24

Councillors shared their classes 3 priorities for school council.

Please select, from the list below, the 3 that your class would like as priorities ready for the next meeting.

Basketball hoops, More fake grass, more rewards, litter pick buddies, playground buddies, happiness, more challenge, greater choice of free time activities, More opportunities to use equipment in and out of the classroom, quiet spaces, more green spaces, celebrating cultures, football and more choice in P.E.

The next meeting will be Friday 19.1.24 @ 14:00 in the Oasis Room.

School council meet at last!

School council met on the 30/11/23.

In that meeting,  Ranjot was elected as secretary, Sanaya was elected as the chair person and Godiva was elected as the vice-chair person.

This week in class council please discuss, the 3 things that school council should work on this year.

School council cannot wait to hear your great ideas.

notes typed by Ranjot.

School Council Meeting 24.4.23

2:30 – small hall

Chair – Hamza

Playground buddies

It was agreed that councillors would draw up new rotas for the summer term and that they would remind the buddies of their role. Malek and Yibin to distribute blank buddy rotas and roles and responsibilities to all classes.

Bearwood Managers

4P councillors shared their class ideas on managers: Welcome, line, lost property, safety and litter managers were all discussed. School council agreed that these roles would be beneficial to the school. Leyan and Sumaya were nominated to develop job descriptions and job application forms.

Class council meetings

It was agreed by all councillors that class council meetings are very important and should be held regularly as these meetings give everyone a voice. It was also agreed that they all classes will have a summer buddy rota in place and will have discussed further ideas for Bearwood managers.

The meeting closed at 3:02 pm

Next School council meeting will be Thursday 4th May @ 1:30 pm in the Parents’ room. We look forward to hearing your ideas.


Agenda for class council meeting

Please meet before Thursday 9.3.23


  1. Organise a new buddy rota
  2. Discuss buddy roles and the 3 marble reward for each duty successfully carried out
  3. Brainstorm ‘Bearwood Managers’ to enhance the smooth running at school. Eg. lost property manager, litter pickers, line managers, stair managers, etc.

Thank you

Playground Buddies start January 23 – Please use class council time to organise

Playground Buddies

School council decided, today, that:

Everyone will be a buddy for a day, each week, for 5 weeks. 

Buddies will be on duty at breaktime and lunchtime on their duty day.

School councillors will organise and manage the Buddies, in their class, with the help of class teachers. 

School councillors will stand in for absent buddies. 

Mrs Hadley will provide a blank rota and cap, to all classes, by Monday 12th December. 

Everyone has to take their turn at being a buddy. 

 A buddy will: 

Wear a cap when on duty 

Play with others if they are lonely 

Be responsible and fair 

Help children who are hurt 

Put the equipment away 

Fetch and put away bell 

Reminding everyone to stand still when the bell goes