Class council agenda for 17.10.22


1. Listed below are your ideas to make Bearwood a better place. Please take a class vote to decide on your classes’ top 3 from this list.

Gardening lessons, more school clubs, more playground activities, more real greenery in the playground, playground buddies, litter campaign, line monitors, more bins, litter picking, kindness campaign, job centre for children, lost and found officer – to return all the lost clothes, a swimming club, more artificial grass, more residential visits, science club, chalk and art materials in the playground and fruit at playtimes.

2. Please brain storm playground activity ideas. When coming up with ideas think about the size and space of the playground.

We look forward to hearing your ideas.


We’re back!

It was lovely to meet with all the new school councillors, this afternoon.

School council decided that Hamzah would be the chair person, Melak would be the vice chair person and Hawa would be the secretary.

We cannot wait to hear your brilliant ideas and start working to make Bearwood an even better place for everyone.