Meeting 17th October

5M is the only class that has had a meeting. They discussed having monitors for the accelerated reading and a wider range of accelerated reading prizes. Also they want board games outside on the tables.

They would like to have signs for the bathroom and school. We have set Anaveer, Kurandeep and Seamus the task of designing the signs.

We also discussed that Amir to talk to Mrs Learoyd about bins for sandwich rubbish and Venita to talk to the cook about juice in the dining room.

The meeting closed at 2:55.

Welcome to a new school year.

School council met, for the first time this year, on Friday.

The councillors discussed their role and agreed that they would:

1. Be the spokesperson for their class.

2. Relay accurate messages from school council to their class.

3. Be as fair as possible and represent everyone’s views.

4. Be a good listener.

5. Organise a weekly class council meeting
6. Attend school council meetings.