Student Council 9/1/15

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Some excellent 3P suggestions for interhouse competitions:

Handwriting, swimming, athletics, sport, listening, staring, cleaning, skipping, hide and seek, dancing, singing, quizzes, juggling, reading, poetry, who healthiest food, hopping, times tables, beat boxing and word searches.

Thank you for those 3P.

Healthy Eating suggestions from 6D:

To start selling fruit again and deveop and start Healthy Eating Passports.

Interhouse competitions ideas:

General knowledge competition, cookery, history, sport, music, art, design and music.

Suggestions for AR prizes:

pencils, pens, rubbers, smiley things and bouncy balls.

School council are very keen to start some interhouse competitions.

Meeting closed 2:50 p.m.