Minutes of School Council Meeting 4.10.19

The meeting opened at 14:30

All classes attended.

All classes had had class council meetings, except for 6P, so very well done.

Councillors shared what their classes would like at playtime and lunchtime:

Chalk drawing, reading area, mini golf, squash, hockey, more plants, table tennis, more grass, longer break, climbing wall, bowling, art activities, colouring outside, girls only games and boys only games, hula hooping, picnic tables used to eat sandwiches, noughts and crosses, 2 hoops for basket ball, posters to help us learn our times tables, big lego, board games, more PALs, healthy snack bar and pets.

As a class vote on your top 5 favourite playtime ideas.

The meeting closed at 15:00


For next week let your councillors know places that you would like to visit.


The next meeting is Friday 11th October @ 14:30 in the James’ Room.



Meet this half terms PALs

This year they are all from Y6. They will change half termly and by the end of the year all of Y6 will have had the opportunity to be a PAL.

Their photos are displayed outside Mrs Hadley’s room and they wear big, yellow playground buddy badges so you can’t miss them.

Their mission is to keep you safe and to make you happy. Please let an adult know when a PAL has been kind to you and made you feel happy.




Tuesday Weds Thursday


Cameron Thushanika Anila Maya Amira BJ
Faysal Aleena Nicolas Keiry Nam
Alex Farrah Eric Tassaduq Ayesha
Artur Even Mustafa Luize Rehan A


Zak Ruquaya Pavandeep




Minutes from School Council Meeting – 27.9.19 – 2:30 p.m.

All classes attended.

All classes had had class council meetings except for: 3T and 6S.

The meeting was chaired by Keiry and Aleena

Notes were kept by Artur

Items discussed:

  1. Competitions they would like.
  2. Events they would like.

There were lots of super ideas shared – ask your class councillor about all of the ideas-  and it was agreed the council would vote on their top 5 next week and then share with Miss Haywood.

We have also agreed to discuss ideas to make playtimes and lunchtimes even better. Please share your ideas at class council, this week.

Meeting closed at 3p.m.

The next meeting is Friday 4th October @ 2:30 pm in the James’ room




A friendly school

Image result for kindnessCouncillors asked their classes how we could ensure that we were a friendly school both in lessons and at break.

Here are some of the suggestions shared at school council:

Be kind

Be helpful

Take responsibility

Be truthful

Have good manners

Listen to others

Let people play


What do you think of these suggestions? Do you have any of your own?

How could we make these ideas happen?



School council priorities

After lots of discussion in school and class council it was decided that school council would concentrate on 3 main priorities:

  1. Being a friendly school
  2. Really enjoying our learning
  3. Having lots of fun at break times.

This blog will share what the classes think via school council but please feel free to add your own idea and comments.

Meeting 3 sc

School Council meeting 3

Everyone came and had a meeting.

The school Council meeting started at 2:00

The year 2s had a joint class council meeting.

Their class wanted

sand box, a grass patch, football club, advatise choir and skipping class.

3P wanted.

music day, Spanish day, fair day, Pusdey books, dancing day, water park day, show and tell day, ice cream, movie day, maths day, colouring day and play day.

3B wanted

better books, running track, new stationary for the class room.

4A wanted

anti bulling day, football,growing fruit, charity events, basketball, running, hockey, boxing, ballet, cooking club, girl club, multi sports, cinema day.

4D wanted

swings, slides, monkey bar, new benches, cricket, badminton, doge ball, swimming.

5D wanted

garden area, playground equipment, outdoor book place, skittles. They also suggested after school groups: arts and crafts, skipping, boxing, music and athletics.

5B wanted

Some groups like: tennis, swimming. Some playground equipment: slides, benches, tag rugby, netball, more board games, drama club, races and quizzes.

6FD wanted

kick rounders, change the games in the playground, basketball, passwords for iPads and being friendly to others.

6M wanted

swings, slides, football net, better footballs, baseball, monkey bars, chalk, climbing frame, tennis net, badminton, table tennis, comfy chairs, international day, Christmas party, disco and Easter egg hunt.

The meeting ended at 2:30 and Betty thanked the councilers for attending.




SC meeting 2

The meeting started at 2:05.

Both year 2’s and 3’s didn’t come.

4A requests

Talent show, dress up for topic , more after school clubs, treats for new year , movie Monday.

4D didn’t have a meeting.

5B requests

Creative day, sports day, pyjamas day, Christmas party, celebrate the Queen’s birthday every year, disco

5D requests

Eid, international day, Black history day, support Cancer Reaserch, jumper day, School book day.

6D requests

More non-uniform days, football afternoon, teacher swap day, more fun trips, more holidays for teachers, change school uniform, football stadium trips, music and dance, inspiration day.

6M requests

Talent shows, dance, school disco for 50p, Christmas party, Easter egg hunt, football club/trial, Hadley stadium sports fundraiser, charity sale, school shop, Friday movies, performance, Pusdey day non-uniform day, cake sale, run marathons for charity, baking class, Valentine day/party.

The school Council vision is:

Every one behind heard, helping the community, making sure everyone is happy, be fair.