Ways to improve writing

Here are Y6 and 4Ds ideas for how writing could be improved, please add yours:

  • Shorten longer writing tasks
  • Use of technology
  • Texting lessons
  • Choose what we write but told what to include
  • Write versions of well known films etc…
  • Do more writers work shop
  • Read own books/choose genre/text
  • Do more reading
  • Do more drama/role play
  • Poems/rap
  • Horror stories
  • Real life stories
  • Comedy/funny
  • More action in stories
  • Educational visits/trips
  • More nature projects
  • More computers to work on(sometimes not enough)
  • computers


What we like about writing…

Please read what Y6 and 4D like about writing and then add your comments about what you like.

  • Writing descriptions
  • like having targets to do
  • working together
  • using vcop
  • handwriting
  • writing an auto biography
  • reading it in front of the class/sharing our work
  • putting it on the blog
  •  doing writers workshop
  • Fairy tale stories
  • Doing about cartoon movies
  • Detective /mystery
  • Poems/raps
  • teachers help us e.g. spellings

Summer yr6 councillor

Welcome, I am Summer the yr6 councillor at Bearwood Primary School.I am here to help make the school a better place. I am the secretary of the school council, I take all the notes and make sure every class gets a copy. In school council we take notes from the class room of what our class mates think will make the school a better place and we take them to school council. Which then if it’s important enough the council will talk to Miss Haywood.