India and Pakistan

This week we are learning all about India and Pakistan. Today children looked at a map to see where India can be found.  We discussed what makes it a very special place; children then dressed up in traditional Asian dress, did Bhangra dancing and created mendhi patterns.


Family Forest

Thank you to all families who joined us for Family Forest this morning.  Parents, teachers and children alike all had a great time.  Children were offered the opportunity to create nature pictures, make stick men, build a den and go on a nature hunt. Class RA will be doing this on Wednesday, and we are already excited!


3D Shape Rap

Next week we shall be recapping on our 3D shapes.  3D Shapes: “jump up at you.”  Can your child recognise a sphere/cone/cuboid/triangular prism and cube around the home?

Baby visit.

This afternoon Mrs. Berryman brought in her beautiful baby in to talk to us about babies. We all recognise that we have all changed and grown since being a baby. This week we are talking about how we have all changed since being a baby, and how we will continue to change as we grow up.