Next week we shall be learning all about Autumn.  What signs of Autumn can you see outside?  Collect objects together and bring them into school for us all to look at.  We look forward to seeing all your Autumn Objects!

Library Trip

We would like to remind parents they are invited to join us at Thimblemill Library on the following dates:

Class RD – Thursday 29th November 2012 – 9am

Class RS – Friday 30th November 2012 – 9am

This will be an opportunity for you to join in with a story-telling session, share books with your child and to see all the wonderful events that are happenning in our local library. 

We hope to see everybody there!!

Bonfire Night Celebrations

Next half term our topic will be “Celebrations.”  We shall begin this work preparing for Bonfire Night.   Working with our Forest School leader we shall be talking about fire safety.  We shall then be creating our own firework pictures, through using a range of techniques with a paint brush. Children will also have the opportunity to do firework dancing (with ribbons) and use ICT to create their own firework pictures.  Watch this video with your child, what words can we use to describe fireworks?  What do they look like?  How do they sound?

Mae Jemison

As part of Black History Month, we have been learning about Mae Jemison who was the first black African- American woman to travel up to space. We have been making paper mache planets, practising our letter sounds in moon jelly, building rockets, creating splatter paintings and doing a moon dance! What a lot of fun!


Next week our book of the week will be “Titch.”  From this book we shall be talking about our own brothers and sisters, and whether they are older/younger, taller/shorter than us.  We shall also be linking this book to birthdays.  In small groups we will be talking about how old we are, and how old we shall be on our next birthday.  Watch this video with your child.  Talk about the characters in the story and the events that happen.  How do you think Titch feels at the beginning/end of the story?

Working with a Number Line

This week we started our work on numberlines.  Is your child confident in recognising their numbers to 10?  (If so, start working on their numbers to 20 with them!).  We also began to look at finding “one more” – both practical (using objects) and on a numberline.  Please continue to practise this with your child.