Afternoon Tea

As part of our “England” week, we enjoyed a traditional Afternoon Tea.  The children really enjoyed learning about this special celebration.  We linked this to our work in maths – cutting sandwiches and scones into halves and quarters. They also decided to have their own Afternoon Tea in the classroom!

Obstacle Course

This week we are learning about England. Today we have been looking at the Olympics 2012 which was held in London. The children decided to create an obstacle course in the outdoor area using a stopwatch to see how long it took them to complete. This linked into Mathematics looking at ordinal numbers 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The children then made their own medals to take home. Miss Smith taught the children how to throw and catch a rugby ball. What a lovely day!

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

Next week we shall be looking at the story “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.” Watch this video of the author, Michael Rosen, retelling the story. Act the story out with your child copying the actions and using the words/phrases from the book.


This week we have been learning all about Africa.  Younus chose to write independently about what he has learnt.  He uses his phonics to support his writing.  Well done!

Barefoot walk…

We have been learning about life in an African village and we discussed how some children walk to school barefoot. We experimented with walking on different materials and described how each texture felt underfoot. We used lots of fantastic adjectives like scratchy, prickly, spiky, sharp, soft, fluffy, squelchy, crunchy, smooth and many more!







Jambo! This week we are learning about Africa.  In topic we have been reading Handa’s Surprise.  She carries a basket on her head, we found it very tricky!  We also listened to African music.  We attempted to play African drums.  We also learnt a little Swahili. 

Handa’s Suprise

Next week as part of our ‘Journey’s” topic we will be visiting Africa. Watch this video with your child. Discuss the different animals you see and the different fruits Handa brings to her friends.

India Week

This week we have been learning all about India.  We began by using a world atlas to see where India is.  It’s a long way away!  We then looked at the Indian flag and looked at mendhi patterns.  We also watched Bollywood movie clips and have begun to learn our own Bollywood dance.  The teachers dressed up in traditional Indian clothes, and we all used materials to make our own.  We also wore bindhi’s and discovered Indian artifacts on our discovery table.  We also learned numbers in Punjabi – they are different to the English numbers.  We love to learn about new places!

Reception Has Talent!

Throughout the year we have watched the children’s confidence grow and grow.  Some children chose to create their own hula hoop dance, and asked to perform it in front of their peers at assembly.  Well done – you were all wonderful!

Pirate Week!

As part of our topic on Journeys we are being pirates this week as they love sailing the seven seas… yo ho ho!! We have been making our own treasure maps, designing pirate passports, dressing up, playing in our new role play area and learning about sea creatures! What a lovely start to the week!