Claude Monet: “The Water Lillies”

This week we are looking at different artists who all portray plants and flowers in their pictures.  Today we were learning about Claude Monet, who is a famous artist and lived in France approx. 150 years ago.  We looked at a range of pictures that he painted, all based on plants and flowers.  We tried to recreate his picture: “The Water Lillies” using finger painting techniques. 

Next week as part of our ‘Growing’ topic we shall be looking at various artists who focus on plant and flower paintings. Look at this painting with your child: Who is the artist? When did they live? Where did they come from? What is the title of the painting?
Encourage your child to find this information using the internet.

Giant Discovery!

When we arrived back after the holidays, we discovered giant objects and clothes all over the classroom! We discussed with our friends- Who could it be? Where did they come from? Why were they here?
We then used cubes and measuring tapes to measure the size of the objects, comparing them to our own clothes using vocabulary such as “big, bigger, biggest.”