Mood Pictures

This week we have been listening to the soundtrack to the film “The Snowman.”  We began by discussing how the music made us feel, and why we thought this.  We were then given a range of writing media to create a mood picture whilst listening to the music.  Each child was encouraged to explain how the music made them feel and how this related to their picture.  Take some time to listen to this piece of music with your child.  Talk to them about the emotions it evokes and encourage your child to use a range of vocabulary to explain how they feel (lonely, excited, frustrated, anxious, relaxed, calm etc).

The Snowman

Next week, we will be looking at the short film ‘The Snowman.’ This may not be like any other film they have seen, as it does not have words in it. It would be very useful if you could take the time to watch this with your child, discussing what is happening? What do they think will happen next? What might the characters be saying?

Talk to your child about a time when you have built a snowman (either as a child, or as an adult.) It is really important that children find out about past events in their own lives, but also of others too. Write about it in their WOW Books together.


This week has been very noisy in Reception, due to the children investigating musical instruments and the different sounds they make.  Linked in to our work on Happy Feet (where Mumble is unable to hold a tune!) the children have been working hard keeping a beat and making up their own sounds.  They really enjoyed the creative element of this task; and we even had some dancing penguins in the room too!!!


This week we have been working on Addition; combining two groups and counting how many objects there are, in order to find the total.  We also made our first attempts at writing this as a number sentence (1+2=3).