Thimblemill Library

Thank you to all parents who joined us at Thimblemill Library.  It was a great success, and lots of children now have their own library cards…don’t forget to use them regularly as a great source of books/comics/dvds for your child.  We also had a wonderful story session with Gavin.  I don’t know who enjoyed themselves more, the children or the adults!!

Parents Library Trip

Don’t forget that parents are encouraged to join us at Thimblemill Library this week.  Please come into school with your child, and we will all walk down to the library together.  Children and parents will be joining in with a story session, and you will also have the opportunity to sign up to the library if you are not yet a member.

The dates are as follows:  Class RH on Thursday 28th November and Class RA on Friday 29th November 2013.   We shall be leaving school at 9am. 





St Andrews Day

As part of our celebrations topic, next week we shall be learning all about St. Andrews Day and Scotland.  Research Scotland with your child.  Where is it on the map?  Who was St. Andrew?  How do people celebrate this special day? 

Rhyme Time!

This week we have been working really hard on hearing rhyming words.  We have been making Silly Rhyming Soup – putting in silly inredients that rhyme; cat, rat, hat, mat etc.  We also played a matching rhyme game.  Some children found it really difficult to hear the rhyming words, so please continue to support your child on this at home.


Pass the Jam, Jim

Next week we shall be focusing on the book: “Pass the Jam, Jim.”  Using this text as a base, we shall be focusing on rhyming words.  Over the weekend, look at rhyming words with your child.  Can they hear that they rhyme?  cat – rat – hat – sat – mat – pat….

We will also begin to look at alliteration. Alliteration is when you have words that all start with the same letter: Jam Jim.  Can you make up silly alliteration with your child, using their name… Silly Sally,  Lucky Laura,  Happy Hamza etc.

Children in Need

Today we have been celebrating Children in Need.  Children raised lots of money in lots of different ways; we wore spots to school and created spotty Pudsey Biscuits.  As a class we discussed how lucky we are to have a warm school to come to, with a warm meal to eat every day and lots of toys to play with.  Some children are not so lucky.  In the afternoon our fund raising continued; we had our nails painted or a batman tattoo out of henna, all in the name of charity!  Some children also created a Pudsey badge and a spotty Pudsey hat. 



Autumn Walk

Reception really enjoyed going to the forest on an Autumn Walk.  We went on a hunt to find signs of autumn.  As a whole class, we sang Autumn songs and collected Autumn objects, which we then investigated back in the classroom. 

Autumn Week

Next week we shall be focusing on Autumn.  Autumn is a time when the weather begins to get colder, the leaves change colour and fall from the trees.  Look out for signs of Autumn with your child.  Also, next week we shall be going on an Autumn Walk to Calthorpe Haven – RA will be going on Wednesday and RH will be going on Thursday.  Please ensure your child comes to school with their coat, hat, scarf and gloves on this day.

Bonfire Celebrations

This week we are learning all about Bonfire Night.  We began by learning about Guy Fawkes; he was a man who did not like King James at all!  Children have been really enjoying creating chalk firework pictures, creating splatter paintings that look like fireworks, writing words to represent how fireworks sound (whizz, pop, fizz, crackle etc), using construction to build fireworks, using ribbons and pompoms to do firework dancing…what a lot of firework fun!