Animal Lady

As a real treat for the end of term, the Animal Lady came in to see us.  She brought in a vast array of animals; hedgehog, chinchilla, bearded dragon lizard and a burrow owl.  The children all really enjoyed the experience of talking about the different animals, and having the opportunity to touch them too! 

Polar Regions

Next half term the topic is “Ice Age.” Use the internet to research the Polar Regions finding out what the weather is like? What animals you might see there? What would you have to wear? Create a picture of your findings to share with your classmates!

Mathematics- Number Lines

It is very important your child is confident using numbers up to 20- being able to recognise, order and write these numbers. Please practice this with your child- you could write the numbers in flour, with paintbrushes and water, chalks, paints etc.