Wedding Week

This week is “Wedding Week” in Reception.  The staff were really lovely as they arranged a wedding costume for Miss. Seery to wear all week.  The children are also planning their own wedding celebration.  We began by creating a spider diagram about what we would like at a wedding.  The children then decided to make their own wedding costumes, build their own cakes from construction, research weddings on the internet, create wedding decorations, make their own spider diagrams etc.  We have worked so hard!

Wagner’s Bridal Chorus

During the school holidays Miss Seery is going to get married. Next week we will be looking at weddings from various cultures. Talk about what happens at a wedding, where are they held? What do people wear? Etc. If your child has ever been to a wedding bring in photographs to share with the rest of the class. Listen to this traditional wedding music with your child. Do they like it? Have they heard it before?