Library Visit

Thank you to all the parents who joined us on our library visit.  Your constant support is greatly appreciated.  It was lovely watching you share stories with your child.  Long may it continue!  


Shine Star Shine

We have all been working really hard practising for our Christmas Nativity Play learning our songs and reciting our lines. It is very important if your child has been given a speaking role in the play that they are practising this daily. Make sure you have filled in and brought back the “Shine Star Shine” ticket forms so we are aware of how many tickets are needed per child. Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you at the performance!


Last week in P.E we were working in partners to create a mirror effect. One child would complete a series of actions and the other child had to look carefully and copy their movements. We had lots of fun!

The Loch Ness Monster

As part of our exploration of Scotland, we will be looking at the myth of the Loch Ness monster. Can you use the internet and any non-fiction books to gather information about the stories. Do you believe it’s true?

Diva Lamps

Using clay, we have been making traditional Diva Lamps for Diwali.  We then decorated our Diva Lamps with paints and glitter.  We spoke about the fact that Rama and Sita were guided back to their village with small candles to lead the way.

We also created Diwali cards, to send to our loved one’s, and made our own masks to retell the story.


Bhangra Dancing!!

Our Diwali week started with a very energetic Bhangra dancing session.  We all really enjoyed ourselves; and attempted to move in time to the music.  Mrs. Kang then continued this work with us throughout our PE sessions.  We were all exhausted, but had a fantastic time!


Next week we will be looking at rangoli patterns. Help your child by asking them to continue a 3 colour pattern at home. Can they tell you what colour comes next? Challenge your child to draw their own shape patterns e.g. triangle, square, circle, triangle, square, circle.